The secret financial lives of americans

and the future of financial services


Based on years of research, candid responses from thousands of participants, private interviews with shopping addicts, bank executives, Wall Street analysts, and even convicted bank robbers, this study explores how Americans feel about money and how the financial services industry can evolve to serve them.

  • How Americans are leading secret lives when it comes to money

  • What a bank robber told us that changed our whole outlook on the financial services industry

  • How social media is distorting lifestyle expectations, both for oneself and for others

  • How Americans are financing the public half of their double lives by borrowing from the secret half

  • The eight services millions of Americans need to improve their financial lives – and are willing to pay for – but which the financial services industry has yet to offer

  • What a financial services industry built around modern Americans might look like

  • Five ways financial services companies could profit from this opportunity

  • The advantages and disadvantages for each type of financial
    services company – and who is most likely to win

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